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Top 27 Skateboarding Videos of All Time

Top 27 Skateboarding Videos of All Time

Nov 27, 2016

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In 1984, Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk produced the first skate video ever– The Bones Brigade. Since then, the past 28 of years of skateboarding and trendsetting have been immortalized by thousands of skate videos, from Betamax to Blu-ray, Hawk to Huston. For every skater out there, there is a video that takes you back, stokes you out, or stuck with you; whether it was by showing you that something incredible was possible, what to wear, listen to, do, or not be stupid enough to try. In honor of the skate video, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. Help us rank this ever growing list by voting each video up or down to determine THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME.


Watch all videos listed below in this playlist:

1. Girl Skateboards Mouse

1996, Directed by Spike Jonze

Mouse offers groundbreaking parts from Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and most of the Girl and Chocolate teams as well as some cool skits written by Spike Jonze and awesome soundtrack featuring instrumentals such as Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man.” Even though this video is 17 years old, it is still regarded as an all-time favorite by skateboarders young and old throughout the world.

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2. Toy Machine Welcome to Hell

1996, Directed by Jamie Thomas

Welcome To Hell changed the face of skateboarding by introducing a more hardcore mindset to the scene. The Toy Machine team, notably Jamie Thomas, really pushed the limits of what was considered gnarly at that time by skating bigger rails and gaps. In his part, Thomas lipslides a handrail barefoot to Iron Maiden.

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3. Transworld Modus Operandi

2000, Directed by Ty Evans and Jon Holland

Featuring top talent skaters Brian Anderson, Chany Jeanguenin, Marc Johnson and Mike Carroll, Modus Operandi was one of the first skate videos to introduce night skating with generators and professional lighting equipment. This had a huge impact on the world of skateboarding. The idea that spots with security during the day could now be lit up and skated all through the night opened a lot of doors for skaters….and gates, fences, private businesses, etc. As for the actual skating, Mike Carroll gets extra style points for laying down one of the sickest lines ever at the San Francisco Library.

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4. Tiltmode Army Tiltmode Army

2000, Directed by Matt Eversole and Chris Avery

The Tiltmode Army was the first group of skaters to make a video that showed the fun times they had while filming it, taking a less serious approach for entertainment’s sake. Rather than worrying about what hammers they were throwing down, these guys were out dorking around, having fun skating with friends. Memorably, Louie Barletta gave filmer Chris Avery a little taste of his own medicine by filming him with an enormous vx1000. All jokes aside, the quality of the skating was not compromised, which is why people are so stoked on this video. The Tiltmode Army has put out 2 other videos after this one– Man Down and Bonus Round.

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5. Shorty’s Fulfill the Dream

1998, Directed by Ape Hamrick and Tony Buyalos

Sammy Baptista, Jesse Silva, Brandon Turner all have bangin parts, forming one of the best amateur teams of that time, taking their careers to the next level. Chad Muska grinds some of the biggest rails at the time, while tech sav Peter Smolik flips in flips out. Fulfill the Dream lived up to its name for these newcomers to the scene and influenced the dreams of every hopeful kid who watched it. It took 5 awards at the first Transworld Skateboarding Awards.

6. Blind Video Days

1991, Directed by Spike Jonze and Mark Gonzales

This was Blind’s one and only video featuring the talents of Guy Mariano Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, Rudy Johnson, and Jason Lee. For us, Guy Mariano’s breakout part to the Jackson 5 and Jason Lee’s sideburns and singing take the cake in this one. The last scene of the video is a car crash in Tijuana where the whole team dies…but they all live to tell about it.

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7. Plan B Questionable

1992, Directed by Mike Ternasky, David Schlossbach, Jacob Rosenberg

With an epic, all-start line up featuring Sal Barbier, Mike Carroll, Pat Duffy, Ryan Fabry, Matt Hensley, Rick Howard, Colin Mckay, Rodney Mullen, Sean Sheffey and Danny Way, it’s no surprise this video made the list of the Best Skate Videos of All Time. With so many of the best skateboarders in one video, it’s hard to pick one thing that stands out, but for us San Franciscans it’s when Pat Duffy backsmiths SF State kink rail.

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8. Birdhouse The End

1999, Directed by Jamie Mosberg

The entire video was shot in 16mm film and was said to cost over 1 million dollars! The quality of skating in The End makes it a million bucks well spent. Rick McCrank opens up the video with a solid part of tech and gnar, followed by Willy Santos lipsliding every gnarly obstacle in his path. Then, “The Boss,” Andrew Reynolds shows off one of the best flicks in the game. Steve Berra’s part is just plain bizarre. Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein drive around the Hook-Ups van destroying every skatespot in sight, literally and figuratively.

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9. Baker Baker 2G

2000, Directed by J Strickland

J Strickland brought us 100% raw footage in Baker 2G of Knox Godoy, Evan Hernandez, Terry Kennedy, Jeff Lenoce, Mike Maldonado, Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds and Dustin Dollin. We get the first images of Reynolds, Dollin and Greco’s crew, the PissDrunx, giving every kid a reason to get wasted in a leather jacket. To an awesome eclectic soundtrack featuring songs like “Crimson and Clover” and “Bakin Soda in Minnesota,” the Baker team leaves us with something to remember them by….like Reynolds’ frontside flip Wilshire 15 and Greco’s switch frontside flip Jefferson.

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10. Chomp on This

2002, DIRECTED by Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, Ty Evans and Lee Dupont

The idea behind this video was role reversal– for filmers and photographers to skate the parts, and the skaters to shoot all their footage. This validated all the contributions and components of skate video anatomy. By showing that everyone involved, skaters and filmers/photographers alike, is in it for the love of skating, this video helped to define the skateboarding lifestyle. Filmers/Photographers Atiba Jefferson, Ty Evans, Lee Dupont, Giovanni Reda, Ryan Gee, Ako Jefferson and Gabe Morford all came through with sick parts.

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11. Alien Workshop Memory Screen

1991, Directed by Neil Blender, Chris Carter, Mike Hill

Memory Screen is arguably one of the most creative and experimental skate videos every created. With it’s rad Super 8 footage, the origins of 90s indie rock (Dinosaur Jr., J. Mascis, etc) and sick skating, this video makes its mark as one of the all time best.

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12. Powell Peralta The Search for Animal Chin

1987, Directed by Stacy Peralta

Peralta’s 3rd video, The Search for Animal Chin, followed around skate legends Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill as they searched for missing master Won Ton Animal Chin. The film’s conclusion unveils the Animal Chin Ramp– the most elaborate ramp setup to date.

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13. H-Street Shackle Me Not

1988, Directed Mike Ternasky and Tony Mag

Shackle Me Not paved the way for every homemade production of a skate video. It was the first to be shot with video cameras instead of film, and Ternasky and Magnusson’s scrappy editing approach gave anyone who wanted to try, the inspiration to make their own. The skateboarding itself was also revolutionary, with a combination of pool, vert and street skating and an early glimpse of Ron Allen, Matt Hensley, and Danny Way.

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14. Blind Tim and Henry’s Pack of Lies

1992, Directed by Mike Ternasky

This promo video came out during an era of small wheels, baggy pants and tech tricks on curbs. It provides the definitive Henry Sanchez and Tim Gavin parts along with parts from Brian Lotti, Guy Mariano, and Rudy Johnson. Henry Sanchez skates to “Symptom of the Universe” in one of the most influential parts of the decade.

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15. 101 Snuff

1993, Directed by ???

When Snuff came out in 1993, it was way ahead of its time. 20 years later, it is just as fun to watch. Featuring Andy Stone, Jason Dill, Gabriel Rodriguez, Adam McNatt and Gino Iannucci who boasts one of the sickest styles ever. Skating to Wu-Tang, Iannucci’s part in Snuff helped to cement him as a cult classic. Only 12 minutes long, but packs a punch.

16. Eastern Exposure 3 Underachievers

1996, Directed by Dan Wolfe

Shot in artsy black and white, this video is a top favorite among people who appreciate raw street footage. As the title suggests, it was filmed in the East Coast, mostly Philadelphia, NYC, and Florida. Sick parts from Tim O’Connor, Donny Barley, Reese Forbes to a mostly indie rock soundtrack, and then Ricky Oyola who destroyed everything to no music, just the sound of his own skateboard.

Click here to watch Eastern Exposure skate videos

17. World Industrires Trilogy

1996, Directed by Wing Ko & Socrates Leal

World subsidiaries 101, Menace and Blind collaborated for Trilogy, giving Ronnie Creager, Daewon Song, Gino Iannucci who skates one of his best parts ever, and Lavar McBride’s ledge and flatground skating proves that young dudes can keep up.

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18. eS Menikmati

2000, Directed by Fred Mortagne

Filmed and Directed by “French Fred,” Fred Mortagne, Menikmati showcased his innovative use of long lens filming. He also incorporates short bios introducing each skater, offering a look into their personal skate cultures from around the world. Combined with groundbreaking skating from Eric Koston, Arto Saari, Rodrigo TX, Bob Burnquist, Tom Penny, Ronnie Creager and Rick McCrank, this skate video is an instant classic.

Click here to watch eS Footwear skate videos

19. Alien Workshop Photosynthesis

2000, Directed by Joe Castrucci

Photosynthesis is full of great street skating and for some, nostalgia as a lot of it was shot at Philadelphia’s now defunct Love Park. It introduced the talent of Mark Appleyard, captured the quick precision of Kerry Getz and jumpstarted Anthony Pappalardo’s and Brian Wenning’s careers. Also parts from Josh Kalis, Danny Way, and Tim O’Connor.

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20. Flip Sorry

2002, Fred Mortagne

Another instant classic from “French Fred,” Sorry features Arto Saari, Rune Glifberg, Tom Penny, Mark Appleyard, and Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala, Alex Chalmers, and Bastian Salabanzi. Memorably hosted by Johnny Rotten, he introduced one of the greatest all-around teams of that time. The skateboarding in this video is nothing short of epic, with tons of hammers and switch stance tricks, and Saari’s unforgettable two song part to David Bowie’s “1984” and “Rock n Roll Suicide.”

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21. Girl Yeah Right!

2003, Directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans

Spike Jonze and Ty Evans deliver with Yeah Right!, a video stocked with next-level skating, rad montages, and elaborate cinematic skits true to Jonze’s style. Girl and Chocolate teamed up and gave us a roster that included Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Mike York, Gino Iannucci, Chico Brenes, as well as newcomers Brian Anderson, Kenny Anderson and the now legendary Marc Johnson who makes his first appearance on Chocolate with a gnarly part. Owen Wilson shows up and puts his face on Eric Koston’s skating to Public Enemy. It was revered by skateboarders at every level, as well by as filmmakers and producers throughout the world. Everything about this video spells creative genius, from the soundtrack (Johnson’s part to Joy Division, Rogers’ to Michael Jackson, Carroll’s to Scarface) and needless to say, the skateboarding. With a lineup like that, it’s no surprise.

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22. Habitat Mosaic

2003, Directed by Castrucci

Habitat, Alien Workshop’s sister company, gave us Mosaic in 2003. The video flows pretty straight forward, no frills or filler just 35 minutes of inarguably sick street skating that doesn’t require fancy editing or artsy angles. Featuring a solid crew including the Alien Workshop team, Mosaic gave us Steve Barra, Stefan Janoski, Kerry Getz, Fred Gall, Anthony Pappalardo, Danny Way and Brian Wenning, and a few others. A few standout moments are Fred Gall’s stylish wall rides, and Stefan Janoski’s switch stance skating.

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23. enjoi Bag of Suck

2006, Directed by Matt Eversole and Kyle Camarillo

Bag of Suck is a video that everyone is super stoked on for the creativity, funny skits, soundtrack and amazing skating. The Tiltmode crew came through, making San Jose proud with Caswell Berry, Jason Adams, Jose Rojo, Clark Hassler, Louie Barletta, and Jerry Hsu, all with epic parts. Berry opened up the video with tons of hammers, tech, and an unforgettable smith grind kick flip out on a handrail. Jerry Hsu lands bolts on a nollie back heel at Jefferson. All in all, each skater had an undeniably awesome part.

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24. Lakai Fully Flared

2007, Directed by Ty Evans

Lakai filmed for 4 years to create this epic video. Fully Flared features HD footage, pyrotechnics, Guy Mariano comeback part, and a 3 song ender part from Marc Johnson.

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25. Alien Workshop Mind Field

2009, Directed by Greg Hunt

Mind Field is Alien Workshop’s 4th video. Mind Field’s use of subliminal imagery and top-notch skating makes the video a style hybrid of Memory Screen and Photosynthesis. The video featured the first big parts from Grant Taylor, Tyler Bledsoe, Dylan Rieder, and Jake Johnson as well as great parts from Heath Kirchart, Arto Saari, Mike Taylor, Anthony Van England, Josh Kalis, Omar Salazar, Jason Dill and Rob Dyrdek.

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26. Emerica Stay Gold

2010, Directed by Jon Miner and Mike Manzoori

Jon Miner and Mike Manzoori did a tremendous job at capturing the eclectic Emerica bunch in Stay Gold. Sadly, this was unofficially Heath Kirchart’s retirement part. Brandon Westgate’s massive pop, confidence, speed, style and control earn him a well deserved pro shoe. Brian Herman destroys some LA schoolyard picnic tables and benches. Andrew “The Boss” Reynolds finishes up the video with another ground breaking part.

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27. Girl and Chocolate Pretty Sweet

2012, Directed by Ty Evans and Spike Jonze

Once again, Girl and Chocolate come through with another skate video responsible for setting new trends and pushing the limits of skateboarding. PrettySweet’s epic intro showcases the talent of their riders by filming one long relay line including several people doing gnarly tricks and a few confetti canyons. The video is a generation shift from the OG riders like Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Eric Koston and Gino Iannucci to spotlight the younger talents of Corey Kennedy, Sean Malto, Mike Mo Capaldi, Raven Tershy, Elijah Berle and Stevie Perez.

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