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Good Skate Board

Im going to get a skateboard after christmas,what a good skateboarding brand and why?

South Gate California
Black Label is my favorite, great shape, tons of pop, nice nose and tail. Last long and looks great.

Bmx’er need a break

Sorry but i have to vent. i am so sick of being told i cant ride here and i cant ride there but yet everytime we bring up the idea of a skatepark that will allow bikes the city council just frowns down apon us. my brother and i have even built ramps and taken them to a school parking lot and were riding them (not harming anyone or anything) and the cops showed up and kicked us out. they had told us that they got a call from some locals that we were riding there and didn’t like it. this is just one of the problems that we face if you have any ideas or connections or if you just want to tell me tough s**t thats fine just let me know if you can help. p.s. beaver city also has over 10 baseball fields and plans on more in the future.

Clayton Draper
Beaver Utah