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Top 5 Biggest Skateparks in the World

Top 5 Biggest Skateparks in the World

Jun 10, 2016

Most people assume that United States would have most of the world’s largest skateparks. After all, skateboarding was invented here. Surprisingly, the two largest parks in the world are in China and dwarf the average American skatepark. Check out the list:

5. Black Pearl Skatepark

Opened: March, 2005
Cost: $500,000.00 USD
Size: 62,000-square-foot
Location: Cayman Islands

4. Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

Opened: 2008
Cost: $6.4 million
Size: 68,000 Square Feet.
Location: 2305 S White Rd San Jose, CA 95109

3. Spring Skatepark in Houston, Texas

Opened: August 14, 2014
Cost $5.5 Million
Size: 75,000 Square Feet.
Location: 12399-12409 Kuykendahl Road, Houston, TX

2. SMP Skatepark Shanghai

Size: 147,000 sq. feet
Cost: $26 million USD
Location: Shanghai, China

1, SMP Skate Park

Opened: 2014
Size: 182,000 sq ft
Location: Guangzhou, China

This was contributed by London Skateboard Lessons.

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