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Lake Fairfax Skatepark – One of the Best in VA!

Lake Fairfax Skatepark – One of the Best in VA!

Aug 12, 2014

Lake Fairfax Skatepark Address:
1400 Lake Fairfax Drive Reston, VA 20190

It has officially opened to the public! As of October 2012, Lake Fairfax Park is one of the better parks in eastern Virginia. It blows other parks out of the water. While parks like Powhatan in Arlington may get more action (closer to DC), Lake Fairfax hands down takes the spot as our favorite park in Eastern VA.

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The street section has a plaza-feel to it and the transitions are very smooth. The only problem with the park may be a collision with a local BMX-rider.

Pads: Not Required

Supervised: No

Entry fee: No

Bowl area: Yes

Street Area: Manual pad, bank ramps, hubbas, hand rails, kickers, stair set, gaps, and more.

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This is a park you will find massive talent at. There are quite a few rippers that make the trip out here from Washington DC to skate. See the video below!

Contact Go Skate or Royalty for skate lessons here.

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