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How to Ollie Higher – Trick Tip

How to Ollie Higher – Trick Tip

Jul 30, 2014

The ollie is an beginner skateboard trick. It’s the base trick of thousands of other tricks. The ollie was invented by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand in 1972. Before you can ollie, you should first be comfortable with the basics of transportation and feel confident balancing on the board.
There are two main step to a high ollie:

-The first step is pop. Make sure there’s a solid pop into the tail of the board. The tail should hit the ground.

-The second step is sliding the front foot towards the nose of the board. Make sure your shoulders and upper body are aligned. Also, make sure you put delay between the pop and the slide. The more delay you put between the pop and slide.

Other Tips:
-Put power into both the pop and the slide
-Get comfortable with the ollie stationary first
-Add more delay between the pop and the slide
-Suck the board up into your waist and level out your board

After you learn how to ollie you can learn:
-Fakie Ollies
-Ollie over stairs, and gaps

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