You Find 'em We Grind 'em

:: Harvard Skatepark ::


Address: 1535 West 62nd St.
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Zip: 90047
Phone: (323) 778-2579
Park Information: California Skateparks recently completed another addition to the growing Skate Spot network in Los Angeles. Located at Jackie Tatum Park in Los Angles California, the skate plaza is a welcome addition to the network of spots in L.A. To meet the requirements of the grant that funded the project, a 10,000 square foot plaza was integrated into the small plot of land that was available at the park. The unique design incorporates a diverse combination of materials, colors and paving patterns punctuated with artistic elements, aesthetic detailing and landscaping. The design was constructed using new methodologies and techniques and integrated into an existing park master plan. One of the greatest aspects of the project was the revitalization of Jackie Tatum Park. The development of the skate spot resulted in another run down City Park being upgraded and improved while enhancing the neighborhood and the quality of life for the residents in the surrounding community. SITE was hired to create the construction documents for this project.