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:: Ripperz Skate Park ::


Address: 650 Petro Point Dr
City: Lake Charles
State: LA
Zip: 70607
Phone: 337.479.7581
Park Information: a great park two levels top level is vert and bottom is street there is a 12 ft vert wall a funbox and a couple of slopes top level has a 8ft vert wall to 6ft spine to 6 ft half pipe Submit: Submit
Directions: The skate park contains: 6 x Quarter Pipes 4 x Mini Quarter Pipes 12\' Vert Wall Pyramid w/ Ledge 6 x Banks Flat to Kink Rail Flat to Kink Ledge 7 Stair Gap Grass Gap \"Astro Turf\" 1 x Roll-In 1x 5\' Mini Ramp w/ Spine transfer to 8\' Quarter 1 x Picnic Table 1 x Trise Box Ripperz uses Skatelite for the ramp surface.
Ripperz Skate Park LARipperz Skate Park LA
Ripperz Skate Park LARipperz Skate Park LA