You Find 'em We Grind 'em

:: Keolu Skatepark ::


Address: 1416 Keolu Drive
City: Kailua Oahu
State: HI
Zip: 96734
Phone: 808-523-4736
Park Information: A fairly promising design which probably looked better on paper than an overly crowded park full of kids. Believe it or not, at a mere 15,000 square feet, this is the largest public skatepark on Oahu to date. The transitions were formed using solid cement - this is a first. Some sections are about 6\\\' high. The cement work is lumpy but a bit more true to radius than Millilani. Not much carving will be going on in these open U-shaped bowls, the flow is more of a hip-transfer crash course layout. Drains in these parks would allow obstacles to be enclosed and collisions into other skaters would be minimized. Why do all the parks in Hawaii to date have such a rough finish? Obviously, the contractors have not figured out how, or that, everything should be highly wet-polished like a smooth parking garage. Keolu is a first for Oahu, with rounded capsuled bowls and organic slug-shaped obstacles. After a nice rainy day the \\\'uphill\\\' capsule fills with foot or two of water - displaying the shoddy craftsmanship of the park.