You Find 'em We Grind 'em

:: Andover Skate Park ::


Address: 80 Shawsheen Rd
City: Andover
State: MA
Zip: 01810
Phone: 978-623-8241
Park Information: A decade ago a young man from Andover stood before his neighbors to address them on the merits of voting in favor of article 65. A ‘YES on 65’ would give the young people of Andover the right to build a place where they could escape their highly organized sports and other recreational activities. A skate park would be a place ‘just for fun and noncompetitive people… regardless of their skill level.’ This statement still rings true today and the skate park remains a positive and dynamic atmosphere that ‘allows kids to be creative and provides some balance in our (their) lives in terms of expression and exercise.’ For 10 years, the Andover Skate Park has been organized, maintained and supported by the Andover Youth Services. Over this time, the Andover Skate Park has given people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic atmosphere, fueled by creativity, dedication and passion. The Youth Services and Skate Park staff are committed to ensuring a safe and positive environment for people of all ages and abilities. Aside from great professional demos, the Andover Skate Park is home to many great events, including BBQs, concerts, and contests. It has always been the intention that the Andover Skate Park would be a place for young people in the Merrimack Valley to express themselves in diverse, dynamic and creative ways, through skateboarding, music, painting or maybe something else. We hope that we will see you down at the park sometime this season. Whether you are new to skateboarding, trying to rediscover your inner-thrasher or have been waiting since October 2007 for the park to open, please c’mon down and check things out.