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The Totally Bias Guide of The Top 3 Best Cities for Skateboarders

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017

3. Orange County, CA- Huntington Beach- Costa Mesa- Santa Ana, CA Nested inside the L.A. metro area, Orange County has long been skateboarder’s favorite home. While...

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Featured Skatepark

Top 5 Biggest Skateparks in the World

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

Most people assume that United States would have most of the world’s largest skateparks. After all, skateboarding was invented here. Surprisingly, the two largest parks in...

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Tony Hawk Lands another 900 at 48 Years Old!

Posted by on Jul 10, 2016

17 years to the day after making the first 900, Tony Hawk pushes himself to the breaking point and battles through this personal goal. Tony says this might be his last 900 ever....

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Skate News

The Search for Animal Chin

Posted by on Dec 13, 2016

If you are a follower of skateboarding history, you should be familiar with the film The Search for Animal Chin. The classic video featuring the legendary Bones Brigade...

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How to Bigspin

How to Bigspin

Dec 27, 2015

Before you bigspin, you should first know: -Frontside shuvits -Backside shuvits -180 ollies (helpful) The bigspin takes a similar foot placement as a frontside shuvit, but you will adjust your back foot to hit the tail at more of an angle. This will help you get the leverage necessary in order to spin the board. There are three stages to understanding this...

Coolest Skateboarding sites around!

Check Out The Coolest Kids Skateboarding Site Around! was started because we realized the difficulty you – the first time skateboard purchaser – can encounter in choosing the right board for your child or yourself. Now that it’s Christmas time, it’s the perfect time to get into that new hobby! Skateboard for kids offers their...

Land More Tricks -Trick Tip

Land More Tricks -Trick Tip

Sep 22, 2014

No matter what trick you are working on, you must understand the principle of center of balance. It will help you land your tricks cleaner and with better style. This video was brought to you by Go Skate of San Diego and...