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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Skateboarding

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Skateboarding

Sep 17, 2017

Top Five Reasons to Learn Skateboarding!

Skateboarding is one of the hottest activities to learn these days.  It’s no longer some hobby practiced only by male, teen-aged punks.  It is for everyone.  Skating is a healthy and fun interest for people of all ages.  Here are the top five reasons why you should learn skateboarding:

5. You’ve Never Seen a Fat Skateboarder
Watching the X- Games, Street League Skateboarding, and your local skateboarders on the corner, you will notice they are all lean.  Many of these guys fill their diets with nachos and corn dogs yet somehow remain fit.  Serious skateboarding requires a lot of jumping.  It is some of the best cardio you can do.  You will lose weight or stay trim if you skateboard.

4. Foot Coordination for Days!
The physics of skateboarding are incredible.  Lifting an eight-pound board, spinning it, and catching it in the air is quite a feat.  It takes precision, focus, and coordination.  Some of the least coordinated people can advance their foot skills. This can help it soccer, skiing, surfing, or a variety of other foot-related activities.

3.  Balance Like You’re on a Tight Rope at a Circus!
Skateboarding may be one of the most balance-sensitive activities.  Unlike snowboarding, you are not strapped in.  The board can roll in any direction.  Skateboarding is a great way to learn how to hold your center of balance.  This is a skill that can be useful in other board sports, personal protection, and fights.

~See The World Differently
Through the eyes of a skateboarder, a handrail isn’t just a handrail.  Simple, everyday things are given a new purpose.  A drive through the city can cause constant rubbernecking.  People may wonder what you are looking at.  Who else pulls over their car to look at a slab of concrete?

1. Skateboarding – A Universal Language
All over the world, skateboarding brings people together.  While some can be separated by language, a skateboard is a common language.  Instantly you can show up at a spot, find a stranger, and strike up an interesting conversation.  Skateboarding has it’s own language.  It’s universal.

Most skateboarders understand these reasons. This is why many skate for life. Skateboarding is unlike any other hobby. Most people won’t understand the dedication and the obsession until they learn to skate.

This article was written by, a national source for certfied skate instructors.

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