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How to Ollie

How to Ollie

May 17, 2016

By: Go Skate Skateboard School

How to Ollie on a Skateboard

Ollie is one of the few tricks that most skateboarders learn first. This is the most fundamental aspects when it comes to skateboarding since it is foundation of every skateboarding trick – may it be on flat land or in Skate Park. Once you have mastered how to Ollie, there’s a great possibility that you might discover new and complicated tricks. Kickflip is just one of the few tricks that you might master the moment you know Ollie.

Take your time to master Ollie and you will find out that many tricks comes a lot easier than you think. If you are a beginner, do not think of doing Ollie when you still can’t ride your skateboard properly. You have to get used to your skateboard and comfortable riding it before attempting to do Ollie.

However, if you are aggressive enough and want to do Ollie, it is up to you then but you have to take a mental note that riding comfortably on your skateboard still a requirement. Here are the tips you can follow on how to Ollie on your skateboard:

The Steps
• Stand on the skateboard with your rear foot on the tail of the board and your front foot on the middle of the board.
• Put the ball of your rear at the middle of the skateboard this is to make sure that when you push the tail of the board down, the ball on your foot will always feel the pressure and then place your front foot straightly across the board.
• With your back foot, practice pushing down as fast as you can. Do not forget to put all your weight on the tail of the board. This is the basic motion of the Ollie.
• The more you push, your board keeps on going because the tail is on the ground. This is essential for the next step that you will do.
• Then strike the tail on the ground and jump with your rear foot while sliding your front foot up the board.
• Drag the side of your foot up the board while jumping. This will enable your board to jump off with you. Then come down with your board.
There are plenty of skateboard tricks that you can practice and if you want to get excellent results, you should know first on how to Ollie. Start with the basic tricks first before learning complicated tricks.
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Ollie is the most fundamental trick when skateboarding that is why learning this trick is a must to every skateboarder too. Take a skateboard lesson if you want to learn more. When you master Ollie, other tricks will be as easy as 123 for you!


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