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How to Skate Handrails

How to Skate Handrails

Apr 23, 2016

Since the 1990’s, handrails have been the most popular skate spots. Many skaters aspire to skate rails. However before you go frontside board Hollywood High 16, you should probably learn how to skate rails.


Step 1. Find the Right Rail
Start your tricks on small handrails. Most skaters start on five to six set rails and work their way up. Save yourself from a deadly rail fall.

Step 2. Test the Rail
Go cautious, measure your speed, and time your rail skating properly. (*disclaimer- If you are going for a 15 stair. You likely won’t want to test it.)

Step 3. Go for the Land
Make sure to keep your feet on the bolts. A back foot on the tail can easily snap your tail off.

Your first handrail trick should be a backside boardslide.

In summary, handrail skateboarding can be done safely. You need to first master the flat bar, start on small handrails, and work your way up.

This video was brought to you by Go Skate – provider of lessons in San Francisco and throughout the US.

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